You will find some basic/quick answers to some questions you may have regarding H1N1 at the following website.

The Audubon Community School district is working hard to not only take steps to prevent the transmission of the influenza virus but also to have a plan in place once it arrives in Iowa. We receive weekly updates from the IDPH and the Department of Education on the latest recommendations regarding H1N1. We also collaborate with the local public health office and the CDC.

Many of the recommendations handed down from these agencies are precautions we practice everyday. Some examples are cleaning surfaces and items that have frequent hand contact with an appropriate cleaner, encourage students and staff to stay home when they are sick, and encourage good hand washing and covering their mouths and noses.

Some of the changes you may or may not actually see are that we will be “tightening up” our checking in procedure. Anyone returning to school after having the influenza virus or H1N1 will have to check in the nurse’s office and have their temperature checked. Students will not be allowed to come for 1or 2 periods to “take an important test” or get an assignment. If they are sick they will need to be home for 24 hours AFTER their fever is gone without the aid of a fever reducer (i.e. Acetaminophen/Tylenolor Ibuprofen). This will take cooperation from parents, teaching staff and administration. If a student enters the office with symptoms of the virus they will be asked to put on a mask for protection. Students with influenza symptoms will be expected to be picked up from school in a reasonable time. Each classroom will have their own bottle of cleaner to sanitize areas of concern. Custodial staff as well as teaching staff have been informed of cleaning needs. Once students are diagnosed with the influenza virus, classrooms will be asked to move desks and chairs to allow for optimal space between each student. These are a few of the areas we are focusing on. We will continue to follow the recommendations from the CDC, IDPH, and the Department of Education. You may find the most recent information at www.flu.gov. We will also have information for parents on our website at www.audubon.k12.ia.us.