If you are thinking of attending college you need to consider getting the menningicoccal vaccine. Many colleges are requiring this vaccine. Public Health is able to give it to anyone 18 years of age and under. After you turn 19 they can no longer administer it and you would need to go to your health care provider. The cost is around $200 through your health provider. Public Health asks for a $10 donation.

All students
Seasonal Flu vaccines: If you have insurance that pays for vaccines please see your health care provider. If your insurance does not cover vaccines you may go to the Immunization Clinic to receive it. Anyone ages 0-18 can go to this clinic. It is the 3rd Wednesday of every month from 1-4:00 PM at the Court House. A $10 donation per child is requested. Public Health only orders a certain amount of vaccine so they will be administered at a first come first serve basis. The date of the next clinic is Oct. 21st.

5th-12th graders